新萄京娱乐对澳大利亚仇恨言论的上升表示担忧. Racist attitudes and hate speech pose a threat to democracy, a free media and racial equality.

在他们的 记者职业道德准则, 新萄京娱乐 Media members have a responsibility to report responsibly on matters of race, religion, 文化和种族. 这些指南与新萄京娱乐一起阅读 记者职业道德准则. They are designed to work with but not exclude the Code – they are an editorial tool to assist journalists as they carry out their duties.

They are based on the National Union of Journalists (UK and Ireland)’s Guidelines on reporting race (2014). The guidelines are also informed by Media Diversity Australia’s industry forum, 与新萄京娱乐合作举办, 在3月15日克赖斯特彻奇枪击案发生后的两周内, 2019. It is also worth acknowledging the Australian Press Council’s advisory guidelines on:

The rise of extremism and the increasing use of hate speech place journalists in a difficult position: how should we report these issues, 我们应该抵制那些拉拢我们的努力吗, “平衡”起什么作用呢, 我们是否应该保护我们的用户?

这些指南也可以以PDF格式下载 here.


  • 媒体自由以合乎道德的报道为基础. 仇恨言论与道德新闻是对立的.
  • 每天都有轰轰烈烈的新闻报道. At times, it can offend or insult – that is the nature of public debate. 因为有活力的新闻
    是挑衅, 或者因为它可以一次冒犯或侮辱, 这并不意味着它打算诽谤. However, journalism that intends to vilify on the basis of race deserves to be condemned, 特别是因为它超出了所谓的道德新闻的范畴.
  • 所有新萄京娱乐 Media的记者成员都受新萄京娱乐的约束 记者职业道德准则. Only 新萄京娱乐 Media members can be investigated by 新萄京娱乐’s National Ethics Committee for alleged breaches of the Code. 该准则于1944年首次制定. 该准则分别于1984年和1999年进行了审查和更新, when subject to a major review between 1994 and 1998 leading to the current Code being instituted in 1999.
  • The Code is acknowledged by many media outlets across Australia in their editorial codes of practice/conduct.
  • 《新萄京娱乐》第2条规定: Do not place unnecessary emphasis on personal characteristics including race, 种族, 国籍, gender, age, 性取向, 家庭关系, 宗教信仰或身体或智力残疾.
  • 新萄京娱乐 Media members should have the right to withhold their labour on the grounds of their obligations under the Code if their employers are providing a platform for racism or hate speech.
  • Support your work colleagues who may be subject to hate speech and ensure a safe workplace. Don’t allow your workplace to promote hate speech that makes work colleagues feel uncomfortable or targeted.
  • Editors must ensure that the coverage of race is placed in a social and ethical context that observes the relevant Australian Press Council guidelines.


  • 只包括一个人的种族, religion or 种族 if it is relevant — would you mention race if the person was white?
  • 避免使用带有感情色彩或贬义的词语来描述一群人, 特别是在可能出现种族合并的情况下, race, 宗教与犯罪.
  • 避免使用冒犯他人的过时词汇.g. “半种姓”、“土著”、“有色人种”或“插队者”。. Instead, ask people how they choose to define and describe themselves.
  • Do not assume cultural background from a person’s name – check with them or their community. 只在相关的时候报告.
  • Strive for diversity and balance in your reporting, especially on social issues. 调查你采访对象的待遇和经历. Remember that within communities there are diverse opinions, experiences, and treatment.
  • 在报道种族问题时,要注意保持平衡和比例.
  • 不发表或播放含有种族主义仇恨言论的评论.
  • Be sensitive to religion and culture – for example, there is only one place called Mecca.
  • 检查新萄京娱乐 记者职业道德准则 为指导.
  • Discuss the matter with your colleagues and, if need be, your union representative.
  • Federal and state legislation has various interpretations of hate speech. Be aware of and inform yourself of these (see further resources at the end of these guidelines).
  • The Racial Discrimination Act makes it “unlawful for a person to do an act, 除非这种行为有合理的可能性,否则不能私下进行, 在所有情况下, 冒犯, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person or group of people; and the act is done because of race, colour, 或国籍或种族出身……”


  • Consider if it is necessary to report on racist or extremist organisations – do not do so merely for the sake of “balance” or allow your journalism to provide a platform for their views. 我们的工作是报道真相,而不是提供虚假的平衡.
  • As with any reporting, check the claims made by such organisations and their members. Do not allow the untrue claims of such organisations to go unchallenged.
  • If you feel uncomfortable about covering racist organisations, get advice from 新萄京娱乐.


  • 极端分子试图利用媒体作为他们行动的平台. 你会尽全力防止这种情况发生吗.
  • Do not broadcast violent footage or publish an extremist manifesto to get clicks and page views.
  • Ask yourself if it is necessary to identify perpetrators and, if so, how much?
  • Ask if you are giving the same context to a non-white or overseas-born perpetrator of extremist violence as you would to a white or Australian-born perpetrator of such violence.
  • Are you treating the victims as fairly as you would anyone else in the community or are you treating people differently because of 种族, 宗教或文化差异?
  • 极端分子试图利用媒体作为他们行动的平台. 你会尽全力防止这种情况发生吗 and don’t allow yourself to be used to promote extremist views or hate speech.


  • Use the term “immigrant” with caution – it is sometimes wrongly used to describe people born here.
  • Australia is a signatory to international laws that make us obligated to protect the rights of people seeking asylum. It is not illegal for people to seek asylum, no matter the way in which they travel to Australia. Once their claims are investigated, 寻求庇护者 may be recognised as refugees.
  • Australia’s Customs and Immigration activities have been militarised in the name of border security. 战时保密条款已经实施,以阻止信息的传播


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Authorised by Paul Murphy, Chief Executive, 新萄京娱乐, 245 Chalmers Street, Redfern NSW 2016